About LEI

Lei Dance Theater was founded by Producer Wang, Yu-Ching in 2017. It aims to find a new landscape for Taiwanese Dance Theater Art. Each year, the dance company invites outstanding artists from different regions to choreograph experimental works which are related to contemporary social issues with a high degree of creative energy, so that the audience can not only see the contexts of different Taiwanese choreographers through their works, but also the diversity of styles of physical expression among Taiwanese dancers. As one of the very few reparatory dance company in Taiwan, Lei Dance Theater enables people to see more different possibilities.


Visualized in three-dimensional scenario. “The X-axis cross the East and the West, the Y-axis cross Dance and Drama, and the Z-axis cross Art and Life.” Gathering many artists of this new generations, who all have the same dreams and goals about the future. We try really hard to tell our audience a complete story that contains deep culture value and social issues, to express them through our performer’s bodies. We no longer limit ourselves by the languages, we tried to introspect the deeper value of being a Taiwanese individuality.


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Address: 3F., No.195, Xianzheng 9th Rd., Zhubei City, Hsinchu County 302, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Phone:  03-5245885

Email: leidancetheater@gmail.com