2017 Work No.6

Participated in 2017 Taipei Fringe Festival
Debut 2017. 08.26
Work Length 50 minutes
Producer Alison Liu
Art Director Oliver Liu
Script Writer Oliver Liu
Choreographer Tzu-Wei Chiu
Stage Design Deer Lo
Music Designer Gabby Tsai
Light Designer Tina Hsieh
Performer Yung-Jie Kao, Yi Chang, Zhi-Jie Teng, Ronnie Wu
Performing Date 2017.8/26 Sat 19:30
9/01 Fri 18:00, 19:30 9/03 Sun 14:30, 19:30


Producer Alison Liu, this year, invites Oliver Liu, who just graduated form Rose Bruford College in London to be the director of this show. Oliver has tried to use the concept of “Ensemble Theater” as the core directing method. He attempts to train all the performers to cross the line between being a dancer and an actor. There is no answer to the form of this piece; it could be gaseous state, liquid state, or even solid state.