2016 Work No. 5

Debut 2016.09.18
Dramatist Alison Liu
Artistic Director Oliver Liu
Dance Consultant Ren-Jo Wang
Choreographers Chu-Ying Ku, Benson Tsai, Ponay Tseng, Alisha Chou
Light Designer Mars Kuan
Music Designer Gabby Tsai
Costume Designer Zhe-Cheng Hu
Stage Designer Ming-Hsiang Kung
Work Length 50 mintues


About Frankenstein
It’s 21st century now, what we focus on “Frankenstein” is going to be very different from what other artists focus in different era. Lei Dance Theater wants to speak for the monster, which are not willing to come to this world by his own will. However, human created it and then abandoned it. Even though we all might have our own reasonable excuses. Yet, we might still be the accomplices of this tragedy instead always being the victims. This work is not going to blame anymore or condemn anything; it will just be a contemporary conversation that we all need to think and listen carefully about.