2016-7 Work No. 5-1

Frankenstein (Revised)
Dramatist Alison Liu
Artistic Director Chu-Ying Ku
Dance Consultant Ren-Jo Wang
Dramaturge Lily Yang
Choreographers Chu-Ying Ku, Benson Tsai, Ponay Tseng, Alisha Chou
Light Designer Tony Hsieh, Lisa Dai
Music Designer Gabby Tsai
Costume Designer Zhe-Cheng Hu
Stage Designer Ming-Hsiang Kung
Work Length 40 mintues


About Frankenstein (Revised)
After the debut of Frankenstein in Hsinchu City Performing Art Center, Lei Dance Theater received many invitations until 2017. This is a work that deeply explores our human natures and social issues. After the debut, our dramaturge and the whole creative team are still working hard to make it deeper, we are trying to challenge human’s deepest unknown fear…